John Gould

Alternately known as ‘The Bird Man’ and ‘ The Father of Ornithology’, John Gould dedicated his life to producing some of the finest bird studies ever published. His output was prolific, covering more than 3,000 birds from all parts of the world and constituting the most comprehensive record of bird species ever compiled. Gould was also known for working closely alongside Charles Darwin; Darwin employed Gould to identify any new species acquired, notably during his expedition to the Galapagos Islands.

Together with his wife Elizabeth, Gould’s team of artists made drawings and watercolours from Gould’s rough sketches for a succession of publications. These were issued as lithographs carefully coloured by hand. Today Gould’s body of work remains unrivalled in its comprehensiveness and beauty.

Below are a few examples from this collection. Please click on an image to see it in high-resolution with details of the work itself. For the full list of original antique Gould lithographs available,  please do contact us.