Pyne: Frogmore. 1819. An original colour antique aquatint. 9″ x 11″. [ENGp106]

The Green Closet. The Green Closet was located on the first floor at the north-western corner of the house, overlooking the garden. According to Pyne, the lacquer panelling here was ‘original japan’ rather than an imitation produced by Princess Elizabeth. The cabinet and chairs were made of Indian cane and the porcelain vases on the top of the cupboards and cabinet are probably all of Far Eastern origin. This room may have housed some of the imperial gifts presented to George III by the Emperor Qianlong in 1793. These included porcelain, jade, red lacquer caskets, carved lacquer panels and silk. In the course of his visit to Frogmore in 1797, Joseph Farington noted ‘some presents from the Emperor of China’.