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 Dr. James Atkinson – Afghanistan

Carlo Bossoli – Crimea

John Boydell – Thames

George Brookshaw – Fruit

Jules Chéret – Posters     

Thomas & William Daniell – India

Paulus Decker – Architectural Design

George Edwards – Birds & Animals

John Gould – Birds        

Capt. Robert Melville Grindlay – India

Ernst Haeckel – Forms of Nature

William Hogarth – Satire and Caricatures        

William Jones – Military Uniforms

Johannes Kip – England

Wolfgang Knorr – Shells

Frtiz Leuba – Mushrooms

Thomas Malton – London

Antoine-Ignace Melling – Constantinople

Fredrico Mialhe – Cuba

Lieutenant Joseph Moore – Burma (Myanmar)

Alcide d’Orbigny – Palm Trees

Charles d’Orbigny – Natural History

John Papworth – London

William Henry Pyne – Palace Interiors

David Roberts – Egypt & Middle East & Spain        

William Saville-Kent – Great Barrier Reef

Thomas Shotter Boys – London

James Sowerby – Geology

André Thévet – Mythical Beasts

Dr Robert Thornton – Botanicals

George Vivian- Spain

Benjamin Wilkes – Butterflies & Botanicals

John Wilkes – Natural History & Science

Joseph Wolf  – Wild Animals